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Bodacious Body Wraps

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Bodacious Body Wrap (Two Hours): $125, Single Treatment; $120 Each, Series of Six


Detox and define your body contours with a body  wrap. Lose inches, contour your body and face, and tighten your skin.

Bodacious Body Sculpturing Wraps

    Bodacious Body Sculpturing Wraps™ system is a way to detox your body, tighten your skin and body contours and lose inches!  Our body wrap system lifts hips and bustline, trim waistline, flatten your stomach, and bulges on thighs. We are so sure that women will lose six or more total inches and men four or more total inches that we offer a rewrap guarantee (as long as you aren't bone thin). As long as you don't gain weight, eat sensibly, and exercise moderately several times a week,  you will retain your inch loss.

    Our Bodacious Body Sculpturing Wraps™ System uses the ancient arts of pressure wrapping and masking and the finest natural products available to tighten the skin, contour, sculpt and detoxify the body. Lost inches stay off if you do not gain weight, and have a periodic maintenance wrap.


Men and women lose inches where would like to


Tone and firm underlying muscle tissue


Contour and sculpt your body and face


Nourish and rejuvenate skin and tissue


Vastly improve cellulite areas


Stimulate cellular metabolism


Smooth your skin


Break down surface fat and eliminate cellulite


Improve muscle definition


Maintain and improve skin flexibility and suppleness


Lift hips and bust


Help diminish stretch marks


Compress bulges


Help flush and eliminate toxins


Improve body proportions


Improve facial wrinkles and crepey skin


Trim waistline


Lose loose skin from pregnancy or weight changes


Compress fatty tissue and tighten the flesh


Wrap only body areas you wish to have tightened and contoured


Guaranteed 6" inch loss (clients average 6" to 20" on first visit!)


     Our body wrap system is specially formulated with amino nutrients, the building blocks of protein, which help breakdown and burn fat naturally. Four amino nutrients open the pores,  target surface fat breakdown, skin and muscle tone development and detoxification. We then apply a layer of clay, which is a rich blend of the finest detox, mineral sea clays available. The detox mineral clay perform a separate function for superior results. The skin and soft tissue are compressed, firmed and tightened while amino nutrients nourish and moisturize at the cellular level.

    Amino nutrients, and natural sea clay open pores, draw out toxins from the skin and soft tissue layers, and moisturize and nourish the skin. Pressure wraps compact the fatty tissues and reduce overall measurements in the areas that need it most.

    Most clients average a 6-15 inch loss on their first wrap, and about one a half as much on their second and third wraps. Many clients have body wraps for skin tightening, cellulite reduction and detoxification.

    You will not immediately regain the inches you lost in your Bodacious Body Wrap™. Although a portion of your inch loss results from compression, the majority of your inch loss is caused by the elimination of toxins from around your fat cells. This is the reason you are losing inches in the places you want to lose! As you continue to drink lots of water and east fresh fruits and vegetables, and moderately exercise several times a week, you will see even greater results. We recommend that you have wraps on a regular basis to maintain and continue your inch loss.

    Although no dieting is required for inch loss, this body wrap system is the perfect complement to any diet or weight loss program. Weight loss typically results in loose, "flabby" looking skin and flesh. This system firms and tightens your skin and tissue to show the full benefits of your weight loss. This is a permanent firming, toning and detoxification process. The wrap will help you lose inches, not pounds.

    Body wrap sessions are typically two hours and forty minutes. The initial interview, measuring, masking and wrapping take about 40 minutes. Another one hour to one and a half hour is spent in the body wrap, and the balance of the time is spent unwrapping, remeasuring, and dressing.

    The amount of wraps required for your maximum result depend on your body's present condition, how many inches you wish to lose, how much loose skin you have, how active you are while wrapped (do you lay down or go for a walk), and how much cellulite and toxin build-up your body has.

    For maximum inch-loss and skin tightening results, we have found that a series of six to twelve wraps at least 3 days apart- until you have diminished your cellulite, reached your skin tautness goals,  and are happy with your contour results.

    You may either lay down and wrap up in blankets while you wear your wrap or for maximum effectiveness, go for a walk which helps your lymphatic system drain the toxins.

    If you are experiencing medical problems, you will need to consult with your physician before starting your body wrap sessions.

    Single Wrap Sessions:

    Perfect for that special occasion. Expect to lose 6 - 15 inches while improving your skin's appearance (toning, tightening, firming, detoxifying)

    Six Session Program Package:

    For clients who want to experience greater body resculpturing and beautification. Six sessions will allow the amino nutrients and natural sea clays to penetrate the skin's surface and improve the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks and assist in the breakdown of surface fatty tissue. The detoxification process will further enhance overall skin appearance and aid in the elimination of unwanted "lumps and bumps".

    Twelve Session Program Package:

    For clients who want to experience the ultimate in figure enhancement, detoxification and skin care. The extended twelve-session body wrap package contours and tightens and works especially well with weight loss programs which typically result in loose, "flabby" skin. 

    Maintenance Wrap:

    After single or multiple body wrap packages, we recommend that clients have a monthly or bi-monthly  maintenance wrap to continue the figure shaping and other beneficial effects of our program.

    What to Bring:

    For best results, women wear thong panties, and a bra, and men swimming trunks that you don't mind getting wet mud on. Bring a old pair of slippers or athletic shoes, and extra change of underwear. 

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